What makes Episcopalians different from other Christians?

The short answer is that the Episcopal church derives its identity from the Church of England and so is deeply influenced by the Reformation but is not really “of” the Reformation. We sometimes find ourselves somewhere in between Protestant and Catholic theologies and sensibilities and other times find that neither of those identities fit who we truly are. We worship, in the Anglican style, from a Book of Common Prayer, and we encourage the asking of lots of questions and a refusal to settle for the simplest answers. That is the short answer, come and worship with us and ask around for a longer one!

Do I have to be an Episcopalian to come to Canterbury?

Absolutely not! We welcome and encourage people of all kinds to come and join us in worship and fellowship. Many of us are engaged in a continuing search for what it is that we believe, and it is most often through sharing our worship experience and beliefs with others, and seeing them through fresh eyes, that we encounter them anew and learn something about ourselves.

Where do I follow you on social media?

Canterbury is on Twitter and Instagram at Canterbury_ECOM, and Facebook at Canterbury: The Episcopal Church at Ole Miss. Our Chaplain, Chris, also posts rather irregularly on Twitter and Instagram as RevCRob.

What is the service like on Sundays? Do I need to dress up?

Our service is generally a more casual offering than the Sunday morning services at St. Peter’s. You are welcome to attend in whatever you are wearing!

Will I have to read, or take communion? Is there anything special I have to do during the service?

We invite anyone interested in taking part in our liturgy (through reading scripture, or leading the Prayers of the People, leading music, or helping serve communion) to come and take part; however, you are equally welcome to come and sit and listen, participating as you like, and take in what we are offering as a community.

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